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HongHu Semiconductor is a national high-tech enterprise that focuses on the research, development and manufacturing of equipment for semiconductor wafer transmission automation, meanwhile it is committed to the localization of wafer transmission equipment and core components.

“Integrity is the foundation of one’s character, Diligence is the foundation of one’s life, Renovation is the foundation of one’s career”

The company adheres to independent research and development, possesses over one hundred of independent intellectual property rights, and has been recognized as a national-level specialized and innovative “Little Giant” enterprise. It is a “unicorn” cultivation enterprise in Suzhou. The main products of the company include front-end equipment modules (EFEM), wafer sorting machine (Sorter), vacuum transfer module (VTM), and semiconductor core precision transmission components. The wafer transfer machines Sorter and EFEM developed independently by HongHu Semiconductor have been widely used in emerging industries such as well-known wafer manufacturers, advanced packaging lines, compound semiconductor manufacturers, and Micro LEDs. The core technical team of the company comes from well-known semiconductor wafer factories and semiconductor equipment companies, with rich experience in wafer manufacturing and automatic transmission equipment research and development. HongHu Semiconductor has completed the localized research and manufacturing of wafer transmission equipment and core components via years of continuous independent research and development. The equipment performance indicators have reached the international advanced level, and independent research and technological breakthroughs have been achieved in core key components such as wafer handling robots and software control systems. The company is committed to provide customers with comprehensive after-sales maintenance, accessories, consumables and the supply services precision components. The wafer handling mechanical arm maintenance and refurbishment(Overhaul)technology capabilities and services by HongHu Semiconductor are at the forefront of the industry.

Established the Kunshan factory in March 2016
Started to Collaborate with Yaskawa in 2018 to serve local clients
Manufactured Sorter with revised design for Yaskawa and local clients in 2019. Created the local brand for Sorter and EFEM
Honghu Brand of Sorter and EFEM were in mass production and shipment in 2020
Exported the equipment of Honghu to the No.1 Wafer factory of the industry in 2021
SMIF and VTM were in mass production and shipment in 2022
Completed A+ round of financing and recognized as the specialized and innovative “Little Giant” in the national level in 2023
Full localization of core components in 2024

Corporate Vision and Core Values

tool iconThe global leading semiconductor automation leader
thumb iconIntegrity

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