Technical advantages

High vacuum degree
Low leakage rate
High safety

Rigorous and complete, slot valve/process module/robot,
Hardware interlock design,
Benchmarking against international first-tier brands,
Through SemiS2 safety certification specifications and parameters.

Multifunctional customization

Supports 100/150/200/300mm wafer transmission function,
Customizes software and functions according to client requirements.

After-sales service

Local technical and service teams with quick response.



Product Image

VTM Drawing

Left view

Right view

Top view

Front view


Basic Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz 1500W
CDA 0.3-0.7MPa
Platform 1100mm
Wafer Size 300mm 200mm 150mm 100mm
Cleanliness Class 1
Base Vacuum 5 x 10(−8) Torr
Leak Rate <1 x 10(−9)  He
Robot Model HHVRD32
Range of Motion R-axis 1050mm
Z-axis 50mm 100mm 150mm
Maximum transfer speed 1000mm/sec
Repeatability R-axis、Z-axis ± 0.05mm
T-axis 0.005°
VPA Calibration Accuracy Rotational Alignment Repeatability 0.3° (3σ) 
Centering Repeatability 0.05mm
Initial Capture Range +3.99mm
Alignment Period 3.5-4.7sec
VCE Key features Detection of laminations or oblique plates
Cassette Mapping Period 20sec