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Job descriptions

1.Responsible for the development of device software, including device control, motion control, data processing etc;
2.Responsible for coordinating with clients’ equipment and system software;
3.Responsible for the demand analysis of software system, structure design, overall design etc.

Job requirements

1.Bachelor degree or above, majoring in computer science, communication, automation etc., with good ability in logical expression;
2.Familiar with Linux platform and git code version management;
3.Proficient in C++and QT programming with experience in cross platform and compilation are preferred;
4.Familiar with Orocos system and with relevant experience are preferred;
5.Familiar with communication principles such as serial port, TCP/UDP socket, EtherCat etc. and multi-threaded programming;
6.Over 2 years of experience in control software development for automation equipment, with a background in the semiconductor industry are preferred.